Department of Art Studies and General Humanitarian Disciplines

The department of art studies and general humanitarian disciplines was founded in 2003 and is one of the first departments of the university.

The department started publishing collections of research papers. Since 2005, the university has published the collection 'Scientific Notes of the International Humanitarian University'. In 2010, the Scientific Bulletin of the International Humanitarian University was founded and started to be published. Series: History. Philosophy. Political Science', which publishes articles by leading scientists from both Ukraine and other countries

In 2015, the international multidisciplinary conference 'Black Sea Scientific Studios' was launched. It is attended by scientists from the countries of near and far abroad: doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors, as well as young scientists and graduate students. Such scientific meetings have become annual.

In 2016, the department opened a postgraduate course in the specialty 034 Culturology' and held the first admission to the third scientific level.

In April 2017, in the international journal 'Evropsky filozoficky a historicky diskurz', with the support of the department, 'Culturology' section was created, which allows publishing the results of scientific research in this collection.

Disciplines provided by the department:
History of Ukraine
History of Ukrainian culture
History of Ukrainian culture
Fundamentals of teaching skills
Pedagogy of Higher Education
Pedagogy and Psychology of Secondary Education
Modern teaching excellence
Art history
Art history and contemporary culture
Fundamentals of Philosophical Knowledge
The teaching staff of the department:
Yavorska Halyna Kharlampiivna
Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences
Teaches disciplines: Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Higher Education, Fundamentals of Mastery Pedagogy, Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Fundamentals of Scientific Research, Methodology and Logic of Scientific Research.
Honcharuk Taras Hryhorovych
Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences
Teaches disciplines: History of Ukraine
Kryzhanovska Tetiana Oleksandrivna
PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor
Teaches disciplines: Philosophy, History of Ukrainian culture.
Uvarova Tetiana Ivanivna
Associate Professor, PhD of Art History
Teaches disciplines: History of Arts, History of Ukrainian Culture, History of World Art and Culture, Aesthetics
Pankova Liudmila Oleksandrivna
PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor
Teaches disciplines: Philosophy, Sociology
Ostapenko Tymur Oleksandrovych
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor
Teaches disciplines: History of Ukraine, Politology
Marakhovska Kseniia Dmytrivna
Lecturer, postgraduate student, methodologist of the department.
Teaches disciplines: History of Ukrainian culture, Aesthetics, History of Arts.
Nazarenko Ihor Volodymyrovych
Lecturer at the Department of Art Studies and General Humanitarian Disciplines.
Teaches disciplines: Logic, Political Science, History of Ukraine.
Gostieva Kseniia Viktorivna
Lecturer at the Department of Art Studies and General Humanitarian Disciplines.
Teaches disciplines: 'Ethics of business communication and rhetoric, 'Conflictology and the theory of negotiations, 'Oratory', Philosophy'.
Freidlina Viktoriia Vitaliivna
Teacher of department, postgraduate student
Teaches disciplines: History of Ukrainian Culture, Aesthetics
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