Department of Musical Art and Sound Engeneering

Specialty 025 (Musical art)

Educational programs:
Variety and jazz soloist - vocalist and vocal teacher
Musical Theater Artist (Musical)

Pop-jazz soloist-vocalist and vocal teacher - This profession, by reaching the largest audience possible, could cover all cultural layers of musical culture, from the elite to the popular show business, designed for a wide range of people. Musical art is not an exception - it is constantly transforming and evolving. Patterned performance style is a thing of the past. On today's stage, the audience wants to see, hear and feel different characters and images, to feel real experiences and emotions. In comparison to rapidly evolving multimedia technologies, a modern show vocalist needs a wider range of skills that can allow them to be technically adapted to the genre diversity of modernity and think creatively in the changing whirlwind of public inquiries. A vocal teacher is a creative profession that provides a stable salary and career opportunities in almost any educational institution. To date, there is a shortage of certified professionals within this sphere.

Main subjects: solo singing, vocal ensemble, improvisation, music-theoretical cycle, acting skills, composition

2453.2 Artist-vocalist (concert soloist, soloist of musical comedy, pop, etc.)

2453.2 Soloist (choir, ensemble, backing vocalist)

2453.2 Vocal tutor

2455.2 The head is musical

3340 Teacher of primary specialized art schools (teacher of pop and jazz vocals)

Musical theatre artist is a profession that has no analogues in Ukraine. The training of a universally skilful actors who possess both a high professional level skill of vocal and choreography is a great educational challenge nowadays. Actors of this professional level today are extremely competitive in musical and dramatic theatres to perform high-tech repertoire in the genre of 'musical'. Also, this speciality is extremely popular in cinema and entertainment shows of various types on television and in concert halls.

Main subjects: acting, modern choreography, solo singing, staging rehearsals, solfeggio, stage language

2453.2 Artist-vocalist (concert soloist, soloist of the theatre of musical comedy, variety, cinema, etc.)

2453.2 Soloist (choir in a musical comedy theatre)

2453.2 Artist of ensemble (song and dance, vocal-instrumental, vocal, variety-instrumental, choral, etc.)

Sound engineer is a profession that until quite recently was included in the list of qualifications 021 (audio and visual art and production). However, according to the new educational standards, this specialty has been transferred into musical art (025). This decision, of course, is right, as a professional sound engineer must have musical - theoretical training, know musical styles, as well as possesses the skills of arrangement. In addition, professionals in this speciality must possesses a range of knowledge in the field of acoustics, physical properties of sound, knowledge and practical skills of working with the necessary equipment both during studio work and in concert halls (including stadiums and outdoor areas). Thus, on the one hand there is a lack of certified specialists of this level at the labour market nowadays and on the other hand there is a great demand of these specialists and it is constantly growing.

Main subjects: music-theoretical cycle, sound directing, acoustics, history of film and television, studio workshop, arranging

2455.2 Sound director, sound engineer

2453.2 Music editor

2453.2 Music designer

The teaching staff of the department:
  • Kaplun Tetiana Mykhailivna
    Head of the Department of Musical Art and Sound Engineering
    Candidate of Arts, Associate Professor, Member of the International Society for the Study of Monody (Vienna, Austria), Member of the Editorial Board of the International Scientific Collection European Journal of Arts (European Journal of Art and Cultural Studies) (Austria)

    - teacher of musical and theoretical subjects, accompanist of the House of Pioneers and Schoolchildren in Illichivsk;

    - teacher of musical theoretical subjects at Odessa School of Music;

    - Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Cultural Studies of the Odessa National Music Academy named after A.V. Nezhdanova).

    Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Culturology of Odessa National Music Academy named after A.V.Nezhdanova

    Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Cultural of the Odesa Nezhdanova National Music Academy

    - Doctor of Odessa National Music Academy named after A.V. Nezhdanova (2011-2014)

    - Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the International University for the Humanities
  • Romenskyi Yurii Mykolaiovych
    Senior Lecturer of the Department of Musical Art and Sound Engineering, Faculty of Art and Design.
    The soloist of a capella jazz group ManSound (Kiev, Ukraine) which is a vocal sextet, founded in 1994. The group has taken part in about 100 jazz festivals, and they performed three times at the Lionel Hampton Festival in the USA. In 2001 ManSound was nominated for the title of best vocal group. In 2002, ManSound won the Grand Prix at the international acapel group competition Vokal Total (in the jazz style).
  • Arkhypova Nataliia Yevheniivna
    Senior Lecturer of the Department of Musical Art and Sound Engineering

    In 2000 she graduated from the Odesa State Music Academy named after Nezhdanova in the class of choral conducting, in 2015 she graduated from Odesa State Music Academy named after Nezhdanova in the class of solo singing. Diploma-recipient at the All-Ukrainian Competition of Conductors named after M. Leontovich (2001). In 1999, she was hired for the Odessa Music College named after Dankevich as a teacher of pop-jazz vocals and related disciplines.

    Since 2011, she has participated in several productions of the Odessa Musical Comedy Theatre, namely 'In jazz only girls', 'An ordinary miracle' and 'Khanum'. At these performances she passed holding the position of a musical director, vocal teacher, arranger and rehearsal accompanist. In the course of this work, she gained invaluable experience of working with a theater troupe, orchestra, practical knowledge of the specifics and problems of musical theater.

    Since 2015, in addition to musical disciplines (Vocal, vocal ensemble, pedagogical practice, concert practice), she taught lecture courses on acting, stage preparation and the art of Grima.

    Since 2019 she holds the position of Senior Lecturer at the International Humanitarian University.

    Graduates and students are participants and finalists of TV shows, students of universities in Ukraine and abroad, receive prizes at all-Ukrainian and international vocal competitions, perform solo programs at venues in Odessa, Ukraine and abroad, and successfully engage in teaching.

  • Horovenko Maksym Heorhiiovych
    Senior Lecturer at the Department of Musical Art and Sound Engineering
    Sound engineer, composer, arranger
  • Rudoi Denis Yurievich
    Senior Lecturer at the Department of Musical Art and Sound Engineering
    Аrtist and director
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