Specialties of the Faculty of Art and Design of IHU

Graphic design (key disciplines)
Academic painting and drawing
Basics of composition and project graphics
Basics of shaping
Font basics
Art history
Modeling of a theatrical costume
Multimedia design (key disciplines)
Academic painting and drawing
Font basics
Basics of composition and project graphics
Website development technologies
Multimedia technologies
Art history
Designer or design artist (key disciplines)
Graphic designer
Multimedia profession designer
Interior designer
Packaging designer
Television graphic artist
Film, TV director, film, cameraman
(key disciplines)
Film, TV directing
Operator business and basics of installation
The skill of the screenwriter
Multimedia technologies in film and television production
Basics of acting skills
Copyright and related rights
A graduate of this specialty can hold positions:
Channel director, studio, creative association
Director of fiction, documentary, popular science, advertising, educational video
Director of information television programs
Director of art and production programs
Video clip director (clipmaker)
Cinematographer or screenwriter
Announcer and TV presenter
(key disciplines)
Screen broadcasting culture
Editorial work on television
Non-fiction movie script
The skill of a TV journalist
Author's projects on television
Production and post-production of own content
A graduate of this specialty can hold positions:
Announcer and presenter of informational, journalistic and artistic TV programs
Writer of documentary film and television.
Author and presenter of transmission cycles
Author and host of show programs
Radio host
Journalist or correspondent
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I choose which disciplines to study?
Yes, the International Humanitarian University provides an individual educational trajectory for students. It means that the student can choose the types, forms and pace of education, a list of disciplines, minor program (choice of individual interrelated disciplines from other educational programs), teaching methods and tools, practice base.
    Does the University help with employment?
    International Humanitarian University is actively involved in the job search for graduates. IHU maintains partnerships with leading Ukrainian companies and guarantees employment after successful completion of educational programs.
    Where can I build a career after studying at the University?
    Graduates of IHU educational programs are successfully employed at leading enterprises of various forms of ownership in Ukraine and the world. A wide range of educational programs provides an opportunity to be professionally implemented in the legal, economic, and IT fields. More information about career prospects can be found on the pages of educational programs.
      Is it possible to undergo military training at the University?
      Yes, you can undergo military training and receive the military rank of "junior lieutenant of the reserve."
      Does University provide budget places to study?
      At the moment, the University does not provide budget places, but we offer to follow the news to find out about discounts, grants and other special offers.
      How can I pay for tuition?
        Payment for tuition can be made in two ways:
        + by bank transfer according to the details specified in the agreement
        + by bank card
        Leave your phone and we will contact you!
        Or you can call us yourself:
        +38 (066) 700-34-51
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