Students' practice

Students majoring in "Audiovisual Arts and Production" at the International Humanities University underwent an internship in Alicante, Spain.
The first few days of practice were devoted to getting to know the city and landscape photography.

The students visited the Miguel Hernandez University in Elche, Spain. We got acquainted with the infrastructure of the university and departments. Particular attention was paid to the training of specialists in the specialty "Audiovisual Culture and Journalism". They had the opportunity to practice in editing classrooms, in a TV studio, and in a university radio center. There was a meeting with the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Audiovisual Culture and Journalism, a teacher of cinematography - Francisco Martinez, a professor, a teacher of directing - Vincent Javier and a professor, a teacher of journalism Montserrat Martin. The correct use of light and color was practiced by students in the medieval castle of Santa Barbara.

As part of the internship, a meeting was also held with the director of the CINE VOLNA International Film Festival, Anna Ilyasova. The children learned a lot about Spanish film festivals, the peculiarities of their organization and the opportunity for young filmmakers to participate in them.
The students were very impressed by the meeting with actress and director Natalia Bondarchuk. She spoke about working with famous filmmakers - Tarkovsky and Parajanov. And also about his father - Sergei Bondarchuk.
Our students also watched the work "in the field" of a TV journalist of one of the TV companies in the conditions of live broadcast.
As a result of the internship, students of the Department of Film and Television received not only international certificates, but also a sea of unforgettable impressions and important skills.
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